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PCI Payment’s core business is integrating into software packages to offer a complete solution for credit card processing. We have many years of experience and have the correct formula to offer an exceptional product, a competitive price for your users, and quality customer service.

Benefits to Software Partner
  • Integrated credit card processing add on module for your users to help retain your them under your umbrella.
  • PCI Payment delivers one-stop shopping for merchant activation, gateway activation, software support, and billing which is all managed by one entity, PCI Payment.
  • PCI Payment program will dramatically reduce your payment processing support costs.
  • PCI Payment can offer the ability to generate an additional revenue stream from your payment processing solutions.
  • PCI Payment is fully PCI compliant, the industry standard to meet all specifications for security from MasterCard and Visa.
  • We can offer a savings on your customers credit card processing which can help offset your monthly/yearly software maintenance expense. For new system deals, this is a great item to add to a proposal.
  • PCI Payment will recommend a comprehensive marketing plan to help promote your new program.
Some of the features/products your users might benefit from through our credit card module:
  • Free cost savings analysis for your user to show a true cost savings vs. current processor
  • Credit and debit card merchant accounts
  • ACH check processing accounts
  • Electronic check conversion
  • Check guarantee accounts
  • Recurring billing function
  • Gift & loyalty card programs
Helpful Notes
The following links may be helpful for your review. Please keep in mind, you can work with our proprietary gateway (least expensive route) or we can help you work with popular 3rd party vendors such as, PayPal, etc…

PCI Payment Virtual Terminal
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