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PCI Payment Solutions Gift & Loyalty Cards™
Gift and loyalty programs get customers into your store or business as only dramatic price reductions have done in the past and most consumers tend to spend more than the value of their card. Loyalty programs are an excellent opportunity for your business to reward and reinforce repeat visits and personal referrals from your customers. PCI Payment Solutions provides a one stop solution, making it easy for you to initiate and benefit from both types of card programs.
Features and Benefits
  • Card programs almost guarantee an additional visit to your establishment
  • Gift card recipients typically spend more than the value of the card
  • Use re-loadable cards for frequent diners and shoppers
  • Customized artwork supports your brand and increases name recognition
  • Easy to order - quick card fulfillment
  • Create new opportunities - rewards for repeat visits or special events
Strengthen your relationship with current customers and attract new prospects with:
  • VIP Cards
  • Pre-Paid Services
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Complimentary Cards
  • Refund Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns
  • Swipe-To-Win Promotions
What is a Gift Card?
A Gift Card (also called a stored value card) is “loaded” with a specific dollar amount and is used as cash for future purchases. Since cards are generally given to others as a gift, gift cards increase the businesses customer base. Businesses may decide to set pre-determined dollar amounts or allow consumers to select the amount of their choice. The plastic card may display a customized design with a business’ logo or be a standard (pre-manufactured) design. The dollar amount is loaded, stored in the database, and activated by swiping the magnetic stripe card through a POS terminal. Gift cards have replaced labor intensive paper gift certificates in many businesses.
What is a Loyalty Card?
Like Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards are plastic cards with a magnetic strip that stores the consumer and card information. Instead of storing only a dollar amount, loyalty cards store criteria that help merchants to track customer information and reward their loyal customers. Most loyalty programs use a point system to track data like number of visits, purchase amounts and special dates or customer referrals. Accumulated points are then redeemed for free items, discounts, dollar off coupons or special offers.

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