It’s about more than software – it’s about how we can accelerate business performance.

Our Independent Software Vendors strive for business growth, relying on PCI Payment’s simple, secure payments solutions to support their vertical-specific needs. We believe that payments software can do more than process payments, and work to provide a future-proof payments platform that solves industry challenges and improves business reputations.

As a partner-centric organization, were committed to helping our Independent Software Vendors navigate the ever-evolving payments landscape. Our mission is to work together to understand your market, your clients, and your business strategy, delivering a customer-first payments experience that is tailored to your unique industry.

PCI Payment’s core business is integrating into software packages to offer a complete solution for credit card processing. We have many years of experience and have the correct formula to offer an exceptional product, a competitive price for your users, and quality customer service.

Benefits to Software Partner

  • Integrated credit card processing add on module for users to help retain your them under your umbrella.
  • PCI Payment delivers one-stop shopping for merchant activation, gateway activation, software support, and billing which is all managed by one entity, PCI Payment.
  • PCI Payment can offer the ability to generate an additional revenue stream from your payment processing solutions.
  • PCI Payment is fully PCI compliant and meets all the specifications required by Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express.
  • We can offer a savings on your customers credit card processing which can help offset your monthly/yearly software maintenance expense. For new system deals, this is a great item to add to a proposal.
  • PCI Payment will recommend a comprehensive marketing plan to help promote your new program.